VHS and HD video, 13 minutes 48 seconds

Jojoboys, 2014

Glasgow International 2014, Glasgow, Scotland



Pandhal investigated the history and visual identity of the coffee substitute brand Camp Coffee, where he re-imagined the characters on the company’s logo and their shifting colonialist reading.

Pandhal designed eight lamppost banners and arranged for them to be displayed for the three-week duration of Glasgow International 2014 at the site where the Camp Coffee factory first stood. This accompanying art video was made by Pandhal and screened at Citizen M Hotel in the city of Glasgow to mark the closing of the project. Following the video screening acclaimed author Jake Arnott delivered a stunning live reading from his novel The Devil’s Paintbrush, which reimagined the last days of Hector MacDonald, who was believed to be the real-life inspiration behind the Highland soldier depicted on the Camp Coffee logo.