HD animation with post-brown sound, 31 minutes 52 seconds

Ensorcelled English Rector’s Cut, 2021


The full Rector’s Cut of Hardeep Pandhal’s excellent animation and oblique pontification on the perils of a cursed art school. Written by Pandhal during lockdown in 2020 the video Ensorcelled English Rector’s Cut features voice acting from his peers and close friends, rehearsed over webcam and recorded remotely. Visualised as an animated storyboard drawn and arranged by Pandhal, it revolves around delicate exchanges between an art student and an art lecturer. References are made to Richard Dyer’s book White (1997), with particular emphasis on Dyer’s reading of white femininity in the TV series The Jewel in the Crown (1984). Some parts recall instructional lyric videos with rap vocals delivered by Pandhal to various horrorcore beats composed with Glasgow based musician Joe Howe, alongside animations made in response by Nottingham-based graphic artist Stefan Sadler.

Pandhal makes analogies between the perilous fantasy space of the video game Dark Souls and the reality of contemporary free-market academies, drawing attention to both the zombifying and liberating affects they have on their players and users once their respective abysses have been arduously traversed and ascended.

A shorter edit was presented in an exhibition tilted Ensorcelled English: Prestige Repellent at the Goldsmiths CCA, London, England.