Welcome to the exclusive website of artist Hardeep Pandhal. Whilst on site you will witness the work of the artist courtesy of the artist. Please explore freely but be beware of the adult content in the section labelled MIDIevil Unplugged.

“Inspired by actual events, Hardeep Pandhal works with extremely rare images and voices to transform feelings of disinheritance and disaffection into generative spaces that bolster interdependence and self-belief. Applying practices of associative thinking, his research-led artworks exhibit syncretic strains of post-brown weirdness. Across media, his works are imbued with acerbity and playful complexity, at once confrontational and reflective.”

– Hardeep Pandhal 2022

TOP TIP: Meatier bones on the menus denote projects belonging to the Pintooverse AKA Pakiverse. These works are associated with an ongoing graphic narrative that began in the mode of a sword and sorcery adventure based on reality. The opening part told the story of a brown man on a collective quest to see a performance by a Tolkien-themed black metal band, which climaxed with “tentative stomps to the head” of the brown protagonist during the story’s concluding section: a battle between the brown man’s party and a group of black metal fans. This moment, and its retelling, enabled Pandhal to both enter and sense himself entering what he calls ‘MIDIevil states of being’, states in which rare and honest parallel thoughts manifest themselves in images and sounds.

For undeniable post-brown que$ts email me directly at hardeeppandhal@gmail.com

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